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ageLOC TR90 : Transform Your Life in 90 Days

ageLOC TR90 is about redefining your body shape by losing fat and maintaining more lean muscle – to build a healthier and leaner you.

There are four key components of TR90 :

1)The Nutritional Supplements


  • Gets you ready for success
  • Helps to start you on a path to success in just 15 days
  • Contains an exclusive blend based on innovative science

1.2) ageLOC TR90 FIT

  • Contains an exclusive natural phytochemical blend based on innovative science
  • Take dailty through the 90 days of the program

1.3) ageLOC TR90 CONTROL

  • Contains an exclusive phytochemical blend  based on the innovative science
  • Take daily throughout the 90 days of the program


  • Helps provide additional protein while managing your caloric intake
  • Helps support a healthy diet
  • Helps support lean muscle
  • Helps reduce your food cravings
  • Helps support healthy bloodd glucose metabolism and  insulin sensitivity

1.5) LifePak

  • Is a nutritional supplement with optimal levels of essential micronutrients scientifically formulated to support longevity and wellness.

2) The 3-3-3-3 Eating Plan

  • Follow the 3-3-3-3 Diet Principle : Take 3 servings of Vegetable, 3 servings of Protein, 3 servings of Fruit and 3 servings of Carbohydrate
  • (Avoid : Fats, Fried, Processed, Sugary Sweets and Sauces)

 3) Exercise.

  • Just a simple and routine execise that can be done at your home

4) TR90 Personal Coach.

  • Personal coach to advise on the supplements, eating plan and type of execise